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Experience the GOD App today. 

Download the FREE "My GOD 24-7" App right now and give it a try! 

Tell your kids about it, encourage them to talk to God and to FINISH THE SENTENCE on the app each day!

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A unique way to read the Bible and to find answers to your questions. 

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We were featured in the December 17th 2015 issue of SOUTHWEST Orlando Bulletin on page 11.             http://www.southwestorlandosource.com/121715/index.html

 The app was not designed as a replacement for going to church. Our goal is to make Gods Word readily available through the technology of the day for those who identify with using that technology.

Gods Word is equally as effective being read through the My GOD 24-7 App as it is being read in the Bible. The My GOD 24-7 App pulls scripture from the Bible.

We chose to make the My GOD 24-7 App FREE.

Your Bible instructs you to believe that everything you do is a seed you are sowing and "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."  Galatians 6:7 kjv

To introduce this biblical truth is to introduce you to the blessings of heaven. There is no problem that your thoughts, words, and actions cannot solve through faith in the "The power of God" for "All things are possible to him that believes," by following God's instructions.  Mark 9:23 nkjv

God's seed principle law of sowing and reaping will make sure your harvest is like the seeds you have sown.  

If you are touched to give, your seed of support will help us continue to develop and add new features to the My GOD 24-7 App so we can reach out to millions of Smart Phone users.